FREE 30 hour childcare places for 3 - 4 year olds from September

Eligible must reapply every 3 months from their previous activation date in order to secure their place for the next term.

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Welcome to the Early Learning Partnership

The Early Learning Partnership has been providing quality childcare in the North East of England for over 17 years. Starting with West Park Kindergarten in South Shields, we have now grown to provide the same quality childcare across South Tyneside, Jarrow and Northumberland, including the brand new, state of the art Harton Village Kindergarten and the outstanding Westoe Village Kindergarten.

With purpose-built nurseries, fully trained staff and fresh, homemade food, we provide a childcare environment that is safe, exciting and nurturing, to ensure that your children receive the best possible start in life. Our nurseries are specifically designed to suit the needs of your child, with large, bright, colourful play rooms and outdoor play areas, complete with modern equipment and a variety of age appropriate toys that children adore.

We take everything we have learned from being an experienced provider of quality childcare and put it in to practice at each of our nursery settings and this shows as all of our nurseries have been rated Good or Outstanding by Ofsted. We encourage all our children to learn from experience, the opportunity to explore, investigate and experiment to reach their full potential. Knowing how important it is that all our children have the freedom, guidance and kindness to ensure they meet their full potential.

Affordable Childcare

We aim to provide wholesome nutritious food throughout the day and free to parents who have their child in one of our nurseries, our childcare fees are also among the lowest in the whole region this is not because our standards are not high it is purely because we understand the requirements of parents requiring good childcare for affordable costs.

Any money that we are able to acquire from either bank loans or surplus fee money paid by parents are redistributed throughout the nurseries this is where we are able to enhance outside playing areas, carry out internal work including alterations to strategic rooms. It also enables us to increase the facilities throughout the borough for example the new nursery to be built within the Harton Village area will provide a baby sensory room, softplay, tea and coffee for parents and grandparents and also a specific sensory garden for additional needs children.

Our Nursery Family

Harton Village Kindergarten

Harton Village Kindergarten is our brand new sister nursery situated on Sunderland Road, South Shields. We aim to provide the very best care and education possible with outstanding facilities including a multimedia room, soft play area, sensory room and garden area including a carefully designed sensory garden.

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West Park Kindergarten

West Park Kindergarten has been providing quality childcare in South Shields for the past 15 years. With purpose-built nurseries, fully trained staff and fresh, homemade food, we provide a childcare environment that is safe, exciting and nurturing, to ensure that your children receive the best possible start in life.

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Westoe Village Kindergarten

Westoe Village Kindergarten provides childcare in South Tyneside and is situated on St Georges Avenue, South Shields. We aim to provide children with happiness, freedom, guidance, discipline and kindness in a consistent, secure environment.

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Bede Burn Kindergarten

Bede Burn Kindergarten is a privately run day nursery situated on Bede Burn Road in Jarrow and has been open since March 2013. The building has been designed especially to cater for the children and their needs with large indoor and outdoor spaces for the children to learn and play in.

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Rothbury Kindergarten

Rothbury Kindergarten is our leading nursery in Northumberland, where we bring over 17 years of experience that we have gained from our sister Nurseries and use it to provide quality childcare to the Rothbury area. We work in close partnership with the local First Schools to ensure our children get the best possible start to their education.

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