Welcome to the Early Learning Partnership

The Early Learning Partnership has been providing quality childcare in the North East of England for over 17 years. Starting with West Park Kindergarten in South Shields, we have now grown to provide the same quality childcare across South Tyneside, Jarrow and Northumberland, including the brand new, state of the art Harton Village Kindergarten and the outstanding Westoe Village Kindergarten.

With purpose-built nurseries, fully trained staff and fresh, homemade food, we provide a childcare environment that is safe, exciting and nurturing, to ensure that your children receive the best possible start in life. Our nurseries are specifically designed to suit the needs of your child, with large, bright, colourful play rooms and outdoor play areas, complete with modern equipment and a variety of age appropriate toys that children adore.

Soft Play & Sensory

At our brand new nursery, Harton Village Kindergarten, we have a purpose built Soft Play room that our children can use while at nursery to help aid their gross motor development. It is designed for children from up to the age of 5 years and features soft play, a ball pit, areas to climb and explore to provide a unique and enjoyable experience.

Harton Village Kindergarten also has a Sensory Room, which is a special room designed to develop a person's sense, usually through special lighting, music, and objects. Our sensory room is designed to help promote intellectual activity and to encourage relaxation for children.

Both of these facilities are available to all children who attend Harton Village Kindergarten, and can also be booked out by all parents through their website which can be found here.

Affordable Childcare

We aim to provide wholesome nutritious food throughout the day and free to parents who have their child in one of our nurseries, our childcare fees are also among the lowest in the whole region this is not because our standards are not high it is purely because we understand the requirements of parents requiring good childcare for affordable costs.

Any money that we are able to acquire from either bank loans or surplus fee money paid by parents are redistributed throughout the nurseries this is where we are able to enhance outside playing areas, carry out internal work including alterations to strategic rooms. It also enables us to increase the facilities throughout the borough for example the new nursery to be built within the Harton Village area will provide a baby sensory room, soft play, tea and coffee for parents and grandparents and also a specific sensory garden for additional needs children.